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Robotic Operation Services for ENT Cancer Cases at Bunda Hospital Jakarta

ENT cancer is a type of cancer that, if left without appropriate treatment, will result in death. This type of disease affects the head and neck, the organs with soft tissue in these locations.

This type of cancer can affect anyone, and there are many types, such as the nasopharynx in the nose, thyroid in the throat, lymphoid in the neck, and others.

In Singapore, this type of cancer is the most common, often affecting the nose in men, and the kind that affects the neck is more common in women. Everyone has the opportunity to suffer from this disease, so you need to be aware of the symptoms and signs.

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Robotic Surgery for ENT Cancer Cases

The case of ENT cancer may not be as widely known as other types of cancer, which can result in death, but ENT cancer is no less dangerous for the health of the human body. Therefore, the drug and how to treat it are crucial to know.

Methods of treatment using robotic surgery services have been found to simplify the surgical process of removing the source of the disease. This technology is called robotic surgery; not all hospitals can implement it.

RSU Bunda Jakarta is the only hospital that can carry out robotic surgery for this type of head and neck cancer. With experts and machines with modern robotic technology, surgery can be performed better, and the results are more accurate with a reasonable cure rate and shorter treatment times.

ENT Cancer (Ear, Nose, Throat)

Ear, nose, and throat cancer attacks these parts, especially the soft tissues, causing pain and lumps.

Most are soft but can occur in the long term and continue to grow. To avoid high severity, recognize the symptoms and the variation in severity.

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1. Recognize the Symptoms

ENT cancer has 6 characteristics that can be recognized, namely:

  • Lumps in the neck can occur in certain parts, which will show what the cause is. For example, swelling in the front lower neck occurs because the thyroid gland is attacked.
  • Nosebleeds, especially if the bleeding continues, are small in amount and have a specific odor.
  • Swelling or ulcers in the mouth.
  • Hoarseness.
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Pain or blockage in the ear.

2. Grades and Variations

ENT cancer can occur for various reasons and can progress to multiple levels of the disease depending on the severity. It could just be a benign tumor that can be removed by surgery.

It could also have been quite severe and spread to several places. Therefore, detecting and treating it early while the disease is not too severe is imperative.

Anticipation and Services of RSM Oncology at RSU Bunda Jakarta
ENT cancer is a type of cancer that, if not treated quickly, will cause significant health problems and can even lead to death.

Therefore, getting integrated and high-tech care will help patients deal with these problems. This is where RSM Oncology at RSU Bunda Jakarta is here to provide patients with appropriate new technological treatments. The four services that patients can get are:

  • Diagnosis, namely assistance so that patients can carry out various tests to identify the type of cancer. Tests include a physical examination, blood test, urine test, imaging test, and biopsy.
  • Treatment, namely the procedure after the diagnosis is obtained and the severity is known. Multidisciplinary expert doctors will take action according to the level of the disease suffered so that each patient may receive different treatment.
  • In prevention efforts, oncology specialists serve patients until they are completely cured and seek preventive measures. One of them is by scheduling regular and scheduled controls.
  • Palliative is an approach that prioritizes providing information and assistance to patients in dealing with life-threatening health problems.

So far, cancer treatment can be done in many ways, one of which relies on robotic surgery using the TORS (Trans Oral Robotic Surgery) method. It is preceded by the stages of examination to determine the treatment method so that the best method can be determined.

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