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Main Laboratory Diagnos in Batam

Main Laboratory Diagnos recently opened a new branch. This time the city of Batam was chosen as the location for a laboratory that could be used to test various diseases.

Officially the Mayor of Batam, Muhammad Rudi, inaugurated the Batam Diagnostics Lab on 12/07/2022. It is located in UNIBA Block B No. 12, Belian, Batam Centre.

The establishment of this lab is inseparable from the increase in the economy of Batam, which is currently the goal of many investors. The existence of good health facilities will make investors feel more comfortable and safe to invest.

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Batam Main Laboratory Diagnos Fifth Branch Diagnos

Diagnos is a clinical laboratory that is well-known in Indonesia. The opening of this new branch proves the increasing public trust in Diagnos services.

The Batam branch is the fifth branch as well as the 41st operational site. Batam's strategic location is the reason why this location was chosen. As an entry point for trade with Singapore and Malaysia, this industrial city has become many investors' targets.

This industrial city is known as a place for expatriates and travelers, as well as the location of companies and factories so that its economic growth will continue to increase from time to time.

The construction of the new Diagnos main laboratory branch will focus on two main targets, namely the upper middle class and lower middle class. However, pocket-friendly inspection packages are also available for mid to low-end customers. In addition, there are also home care services so customers can carry out inspections at home or work.

Even though it provides different health service packages, Diagnos will continue to prioritize the quality of health services to the community while at the same time getting closer to patients.

They always prioritize using the latest technology and international standard lab machines. A laboratory information system or LSI system works automatically on samples to speed up the process.

DGNS Supports Batam to Be a Healthy City

The expansion carried out by PT Diagnos Laboratory Utama Tbk (DGNS) in Batam City also supports the city in becoming healthy. This was said directly by the prominent director of DGNS, Mesha Rizal Sini, in his media statement.

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Mesha Rizal Sini said that Batam has the potential for economic growth and a growing market. As a transit destination city and entry point for Indonesia's trade with neighboring countries, its market potential will not run out.

Because of that, Main Laboratory Diagnostics chose to set up its fifth branch in that city. According to Fanfan Riksani, GM Secretary of DGNS, opening a new unit is part of the company's business development plan.

It is hoped that the new branch will increase the company's revenue. The increase in income during the DGNS endemic period from non-Covid-19 tests increased from only IDR 19 billion to IDR 30 billion.

The number of non-Covid-19 tests reached 121,000 in the previous period and increased to 171,000, an increase of around 41.3%, at the same time in different years.

In addition to increasing the company's revenue, it is hoped to help the government distribute health and laboratories in Indonesia.

The new Main Laboratory Diagnos branch is expected to increase the quality of health services to the community and get closer to patients so they can provide the best service.

Apart from Batam, DGNS partnered with PT Amalia Jannah Medika Main Clinic Jannah Medika and opened a clinic in Serang. This collaboration is expected to be able to increase the company's revenue as well as improve health services to patients.

Meanwhile, opening a new branch helped increase the growth of DGNS medical check-up services, which grew by 258.8%. Main Laboratory Diagnostics benefits DGNS and allows the Government to realize Batam become a Healthy City.

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