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Paramarta Hospital: BMHS Medical Unit with Specialization in Heart and Blood Vessels

The health of the heart and blood vessels is an important thing to pay attention to because if these parts have problems, it can cause fatal health problems that can cause strokes and even death.

Seeing the importance of the health of blood vessels and the human heart and the large number of people who experience problems in that area, PT Bundamedik Tbk, or BMHS, opened a particular hospital to treat these health problems.

In Bandung, an RSJP was built called the Paramarta Heart and Blood Vessel Hospital (RSJP), located at Jalan Soekarno-Hatta, Number 581. This RSJP has entered the final stage of development, so it remains only to operate it.

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Available Services

RSJP Paramarta Bandung is one of the services of the BMHS ecosystem, which serves various problems related to blood vessels and the human heart.

RSJP Paramarta is the first heart hospital in Bandung that provides various services with multiple sophisticated equipment, applies innovative technology, and is modern. There are many health services, such as:

  • Medical check-up
  • Hospital Accommodation
  • Telehealth
  • ER
  • Hospitalization and intensive care.
  • Cardiac catheterization
  • Outpatient polyclinic
  • Wellness and prevention program
  • Medic rehabilitation
  • Radiology & Imaging

General patients and insurance, including BPJS patients for outpatient and inpatient care, can enjoy all these heart and blood vessel health check services.

Reservations can be made online using the BPJS app. You can take a queue number without queuing and don't need to be afraid of not being served because all patients must make online reservations so that all applicants will receive service.

To access Paramarta Hospital's health services, make an online reservation, then arrive 15 minutes early to confirm arrival.

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BMHS Acquisition

Paramarta Heart and Blood Vessel Hospital is a strategic investment from BMHS by prioritizing support for medical services and care for certain disease specialists, in this case, the heart.

The official acquisition was carried out by signing the Sale and Purchase Deed by BMHS with PT Global Sekawan Kreasi as the owner of RSJP Paramarta on March 22, 2022.

With this signing, BMHS officially invests in the first heart specialist hospital recognized as a member of the International Healthcare Federation (IHF).

Not just wanting to develop a business for a heart and blood vessel specialist, BMHS took this investment step because it wanted to provide the best service to all people in Indonesia.

RSJP Paramarta provides an integrated technology system in each unit to provide convenience and efficiency of service for patients. This is in line with the intelligent technology promoted by BMHS.

BMHS prioritizes customer-centric services that prioritize patients to get the best experience in using health facilities. Health facilities, from registration to payment, are integrated with one door, making it easier and more efficient.

With this acquisition, it is hoped that patients can get an optimal experience when accessing health facilities so that they focus only on undergoing treatment and achieving recovery. Not bothered with various other things such as complicated registration or referrals.

The construction of a hospital with specifications for certain diseases will make it easier for patients to complete the treatment. One example is the Paramarta Hospital which provides explicit services to heart patients.

With the acquisition of Bundamedik of the Paramarta Hospital, the coverage of BMHS will be broader and spread throughout Indonesia.

The investment in this heart and blood vessel hospital will complement a comprehensive BMHS health ecosystem and be able to improve its services.

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