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BMHS 1H22 Financial Performance Achievements

In a public expose of PT Bundamedik Tbk or BMHS, it was explained that during the 1H22 period, the excellent performance had been achieved in the hospital ecosystem and financial performance achievements.

The holding of this Public Expose describes the satisfactory achievements of the growth in the number of hospitals and health facilities (fakes) which have doubled with the construction of 4 new hospital ecosystems.

In addition, BMHS readiness was explained in expanding and accelerating business growth momentum in line with the transition from pandemic to endemic. BMHS is ready with the company's business strategy and priorities to welcome the changes that occur.

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BMHS Expansion Success Doubles Number of Hospitals in 1H22

Talking about the development of the BMHS ecosystem during the first half of 2022, it has achieved success according to the target. Because during this period, 4 new hospitals were built that were ready to operate.

RSIA Azzahra Palembang, RSU Citra Harapan Bekasi, RSIA Pusura Tegalsari Surabaya, and RSJP Paramarta Bandung are four BMHS ecosystem hospitals are ready to accept inpatients and outpatients.

With the operation of these four additional hospitals, BMHS's 1H22 results in terms of bed growth increased significantly to 54%. In 2021 there will be 414 beds which will increase in 2022 to 639 beds.

This significant increase was also supported by the return of non-Covid-19 patients to hospitals for inpatient treatment, outpatient care, and effective surgery. Therefore, the growth in hospital beds shows an increasing graph.

There are also Bunda Group Hospital, 10 Morula IVF clinics, 126 fertility satellite clinics at the Indonesian Fertility Clinic, 40 pathology and genomic diagnostic laboratories, 150 more networks of innovative clinic service clinics, ER medical evacuation team, and IMTB medical tourism services.

Ecosystem Strengthening Assisted by Morula IVF and Diagnos

Apart from successfully achieving fundamental strengthening in the 1H22 period, BMHS also achieved good results in providing IVF services. BMHS is the leading IVF service provider through Morula IVF. Until now, the number of cycles has reached 2855.

Compared to the 2019 pandemic period, this figure shows an increase of up to 28% and continues to show an upward graph.

In 2022, Morula IVF and Diagnos will help develop the BMHS ecosystem, especially in dealing with changes from pandemic to endemic. The number of increases continues to show an increasing graph in the Jakarta area and outside Jakarta.

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The increase has been recorded to reach 22%, reflecting the promising potential of the increasing need for IVF services outside Jakarta and its surroundings.

BMHS has built at least 40 Diagnos laboratory outlets throughout Indonesia. As of the first half of 2022, it was noted that the number of non-covid lab tests had increased by up to 19% and will most likely continue to increase.

Financial Performance of PT Bundamedik 1H22 Period

During the transition to endemic, most hospitals were no longer focused on serving Covid-19 patients but had normalized by accepting more regular patients.

This slowly returning to the normal situation has encouraged BMHS's main business lines to continue to increase, especially during the early 2022 period. BMHS's consolidated revenue increased by 55% compared to the previous year.

While in the 1H22 period, BMHS maintained non-covid revenues with a growth rate of 9%. The EBITDA margin for the first half of 2021 also increased to 23% from the previous 18%.

With this achievement, sustainable core business development can still be achieved even though there is a change in the pandemic situation. Because strengthening the company's fundamentals is done with careful and robust preparation.

PT Bundamedik Tbk, as a company engaged in the health sector in the form of providing health services through health facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, is significantly affected by the transition to endemic.

However, BMHS can go through this transition period well. This can be seen from the financial performance situation, which remained strong and endured changes during the first semester of 2022. BMHS's core business continued to develop during the 1H22 period, even tending to show an increasing graph.

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