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PT Bundamedik Tbk has the experience and expertise to take care of you and your family

Experience: Since 1961, it was originated by our founder Dr. Rizal Sini, SpOG through his maternity clinic, as evidence of how experienced we are in handling maternal and child health problems, supported by highly competent specialized doctors in the health care industry, specifically for you and your family.

Expert: PT Bundamedik Tbk is a health care service provider that has modern medical technology at Bunda Jakarta Woman and Children Hospital , Bunda Jakarta General Hospital , Bunda Margonda General Hospital , Bunda Padang General Hospital, Bunda Ciputat Woman and Children Hospital, Bunda Citra Harapan General Hospital, AZ Zahra Woman and Children Hospital, BIC Pacific Place & BIC Vida Bekasi, Morula IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) Indonesia, Diagnos (Laboratory), Bunda Global Pharma, Emergency Response (ER), Bunda Diklat Indonesia, IRSI (Indonesian Reproductive Sciences Institute), Prima Dental, Indonesia Medical Tourism Board (IMTB) and Daima Norwood Menteng.

Caring: In each business unit, PT Bundamedik Tbk owns helpful and welcoming personnel. Thus, we desire to make a comfortable and favorable customer's experiences. We want to make them feel safe and secure when we cared for them.

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